Free & Confidential Abortion Consultation

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When considering an abortion, your health and safety is important to us. We are here to help you sort through all of your questions and concerns.

During your consultation appointment, you will meet with our trained staff. We will go over your specific concerns and personal circumstances.

We will also provide you with a free ultrasound to confirm and date your pregnancy so that you know what type of abortion you may consider and what other options you have.

There are two main types of abortion:

Medication abortion, also called the abortion pill, can be taken up to 70 days from the first day of your last menstrual period (10 weeks pregnant). The pill ( two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol) is taken in two doses, one typically at a doctor’s office and the other at home. To determine how far along you are, make an appointment today.

There are several types of surgical abortions. Suction aspiration, also called suction curettage, or vacuum aspiration abortion, is performed during the first 6 to 16 weeks gestation. Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) is another type of procedure typically done in later weeks. Both types have risks and side-effects and greatly vary depending on your gestation and health. If you are considering an abortion, make an appointment today to talk about your options.

Contact us to learn more about abortion, the abortion pill and your other pregnancy options. We know that each individual set of circumstances is unique. Our desire is for you to leave our office feeling empowered to make the best choice regarding your pregnancy for you. We never financially benefit off of your decision and can discuss your options with absolutely no pressure.

Before making any decisions, you will need to first know how far along your pregnancy is and what type of abortion you may consider and what other options are available to you. We can provide you with a free ultrasound exam and consultation.

Choices Life Resources does not offer or refer for abortion. We provide medically accurate information about abortion procedures. We can provide you with a free limited ultrasound to determine a viable pregnancy and to see how far along in pregnancy you are. This information helps determine the type of abortion procedure available to you.