Discovering you are going to be a teen dad can be life-altering. This kind of a situation calls you to step into responsibility and not take it lightly. As you go through the pregnancy with your partner and even after your son or daughter is born here are a few ways you can show love and care along the way:

1. Stick around. The easiest thing to do is disappear. Don’t take the easy way out. Make sure you remain in contact with your partner once you both find out she is pregnant. 

2. Ask questions. Depending on the situation, your partner may have as many questions as you do about the changes happening to her body as well as how to be a good parent. Join her in asking questions and even attending appointments as needed.

3. Be an encouragement. Through all of these life changes, focus on positive words you can use to encourage your partner as she tries to be a good mom. Hopefully, she will reciprocate this encouragement as you take steps into fatherhood. 

4. Cook a meal. You may have never cooked in your life, but here is one way you can practically provide for your partner and child. Choices For Women offers cooking classes which give you practical recipes on a budget. 

5. Hold your child. There is nothing like the safety of daddy’s arms. As you hold your child, know that you’re providing for their emotional well-being. 

6. Be resourceful. Take on whatever jobs you can find to help provide financially for your partner and child. If you’re attending school, look for ways you and your partner can continue your education and still care for your child. Choices For Women desires to help you. We have an Earn While You Learn program as well as a Blessings Boutique. Ask us more about how you can get practical things like diapers, wipes, baby clothes, etc. 

7. Find a mentor. Sometimes the best ways to learn involve learning from someone who is a few steps ahead of you. Find a mentor who can help you become the best father you can be. We’re here to not only help the mothers, but also the fathers. Join us for our ManUP mentoring program, where you can learn practical skills about being a dad. 

Call us for more information about these ways to show love and/or a confidential appointment at 812.941.0872

These gifts of love may seem small, but your gift as a dad is priceless!


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