Sex is a big deal. It is so much more than “Netflix and chill”, something to do because you’re bored or having sex because everyone else at school is hooking up.

Sex is a gift. It is special. It goes much deeper than the physical. It’s been said that sex is like glue. After connecting two pieces of paper with glue, it’s difficult to pull them apart from each other. When trying to pull them apart, each piece of paper doesn’t end up the way it began. You’ll find remnants of the other paper stuck on each piece. 

Asking yourself, Am I ready for sex?, is an important question. Here are three things to consider:

1. Am I ready for the emotional commitment that comes with sex? Value yourself enough to say no when pressured to have sex. Does that other person truly have your best interest in mind? Also, recognize the gift of sex and the power it has in a relationship. It goes deeper than the physical.

2. What about STDs? Do you have any idea how many people your partner has slept with? Have you already had sex? What about your previous partners, do you know what they were exposed to as far as STDs? Get more info, know your status and get tested: Click here for more info. 

3. Am I ready to be a parent? No one ever thinks it will happen to them – pregnant – even after the first time. Consider the responsibility and how your life would change if it involved a baby. 

Take these into consideration as well as bringing a trusted adult into the conversation. 

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