Lila started coming to Choices not long after she had her baby boy. She has found the baby supplies boutique, the counseling sessions and parenting classes helpful in her journey. Here is what Lila wants to tell you about her experience with Choices For Women:

“What I like the best about Choices is the time that I spend with other girls like me who are experiencing the joy of motherhood. I also appreciate how the Choices staff has helped me. Through my involvement there, I became closer to God and now understand how to be a good mom to my son. At Choices you will find more than just baby supplies, you will grow in your spiritual understanding as well as your understanding of being a woman. Some practical things I learned there are: how to manage a baby’s needs, how to use a car seat, to educate my child with both rules and love, and how I can better handle difficult situations. Finally, the Choices Boutique has provided most of my son’s diapers and formula, which is big savings!”

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