My name is Natalie.* For me, motherhood came as a surprise. A welcome surprise, but nonetheless a surprise. You see, I am a young mother. I was 16 when I found myself pregnant with my son who is the love of my life. 

As cute as he is, motherhood is scary sometimes. He cries at times and I don’t know what was wrong. He gets into things I didn’t realize I had left unattended. He gets sick and I find myself up all night with him. It’s hard to summarize what motherhood means to me because it means so much. When I sit and think about being a mother, the thoughts overtake me. 

My son is 10 months old and people tell me it will not get easier. But I don’t see him as a burden. I see him as a blessing. He didn’t ask to be here, so I give him my all. With God’s help, I’m achieving that each day. 

Of course, motherhood is hard work. Anyone who is a mother would know that. But I don’t look at it as a chore. I simply take one day at a time. I have two wonderful parents who support me every step of the way. Again, I’m a young mother, so I still live at home with my parents, attend high school and also have a part-time job. I find some days are double hard. However, looking into my son’s face each morning when we wake up together, I know God brought him to me for a reason.

Motherhood means patience. You have to have patient to help your child grow to be the best he or she can be. 

Motherhood also means you have to keep this little person safe, which is hard sometimes because they get into so much. People tell me “You don’t want to be in a rush for him to walk because he’ll be into everything.” Well, that is true. He does get into a lot. I see him walking as a blessing because I know so many parents who have children with special needs who can’t walk, and they wish their babies could. 

Motherhood is a blessing. It has to be a blessing because you have a chance to raise a child, love a child and help him be a productive citizen. 

My prayer would be for my son will grow up and do wonderful and great things and love the Lord as I do. 

Motherhood is important and it has to be one of the most important jobs and the most rewarding. In short, motherhood is a blessing. 


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*name has been changed

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