Step Up Parenting Resources

You want to be a good parent and good role model for your children. CHOICES wants to help you achieve those goals.

Step Up Parenting Resources (SUPR) offers you the chance to learn positive parenting techniques and essential life skills, all while earning material resources. Formerly known as “Earn While You Learn,” this free program has been retooled to help both moms and dads. Clients may choose individual mentoring or group class participation. Participants earn “Boutique Bucks” which may be redeemed in the Blessing Boutique for items needed for babies or toddlers, as well as maternity and personal care items. Click on location to see the list of upcoming Group Classes (subject to change). Please call 812-941-0872 for New Albany Classes enrollment or 812-572-4160 for Corydon.

Subjects include:

  • Prenatal development
  • Parenting (Newborns to toddlers)
  • Spiritual development
  • ManUp Fatherhood Program
  • Car seat & sleep safety
  • Life skills (cooking, finances, etc)

Blessing Boutique

Choices Blessing Boutique

Items include:

  • Diapers & Formula
  • Hygiene items
  • Clothing (NB-4T, maternity)
  • Blankets, bottles, bibs
  • Car seats & Pac-n-Plays

Looking for More Help?

ManUp – Elevating Fatherhood

manup_400Dads are encouraged to attend SUPR classes with the mother of their children. Most classes are led by ladies, so we have added a special class by dads for dads. Our ManUp mentoring program encourages young fathers to learn from male mentors the great importance of fatherhood. Classes focus on personal character-building (being the kind of man you want your kids to become) and relationships, as well as practical parenting.

Spiritual Growth

The CHOICES StepUP Parenting Resources Program (SUPR) gives you the opportunity to learn positive parenting techniques and life skills and to earn material assistance to help along your journey.

Clients in SUPR are encouraged to consider spiritual issues. These subjects are discussed in group classes, mentoring sessions, and in the ManUp program. Classes are open to clients from any faith background.